Policies & Procedures

Exceeding Standards

Our critical food-safety policies are the guiding force behind World Wide Food Group’s production operations. Our policies and procedures are at the highest levels to ensure product safety. World Wide Food Group’s critical food safety policies meet or exceed the USDA and FDA guidelines.

Exact Documentation

World Wide Food Group meets or exceeds all local and federal regulations of compliance. Our workforce personnel are required to document all practices that apply to specific purchasing, processing and product runs. All of our practices are held to a higher standard for record keeping than is mandated by federal regulators and inspectors. World Wide Food Group’s detailed procedures ensure the quality and safety of the products we manufacture and deliver to our clients worldwide.

Comprehensive Policies & Procedures

World Wide Food Group’s comprehensive policies & procedures include:

  • HACCP Procedures   Compliance
  • Allergen Control
  • Microbiological Contamination Prevention
  • Metal Contamination Detection ( Continually )
  • Broken Glass Procedures
  • Product Recovery Procedures
  • Contaminant Protocols: Evaluation, Remedies   Solutions
  • Good Manufacturing Practices ( GMP )
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Extreme Equipment Sanitation Procedures ( for all equipment )
  • Sanitation   Housekeeping Protocols   Schedule Reporting
  • Processing Room Sanitation Procedures
  • Personnel Hygiene Inspection Practices
  • Product Recall Procedures
  • Visitor   Subcontractor Security
  • Self-Improvement Protocols
  • Monitoring Infrastructure
  • Extreme Cleaning Schedules