Gold Star Standards

Gluten Free

World Wide Food Group uses gluten free approved protocols to produce extremely high standard gluten-free products, which are free from allergens for the rapidly growing specialty-food category.

Sodium Control

World Wide Food Group monitors sodium content in all of our manufactured products. Through use of our proprietary bases, we can and are able to preserve Gold Star Taste, while keeping sodium levels per serving size extremely low.

Meat Quality

Our Purchasing Standards Division ensures consistent grades and quality through every purchase. World Wide Food Group sources only the highest quality inspected, domestic and exotic meats for our product production in the industry.

Produce Superiority

World Wide Food Group insures the freshest produce with the richest colors for a vibrant display of your product upon serving. We source from certified organic to pesticide free product producers to maximize color, taste, and quality that promotes the health of the consumers our products reach.

Dairy Management

World Wide Food Group’s Dairy Management Program maintains strict control of all dairy ingredients purchased and delivered to our plant. Dairy ingredients used for processing range from, full-body cheese, powdered cheese to whey and powdered milks. World Wide Food Group only uses top quality inspected dairy as ingredients in formulation. This ensures the creamy richness you expect in your dairy enriched products.