About Us

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World Wide Food Group®

World Wide Food Group traces its roots back over 45 years with incredible formulas. In the year 2012 World Wide Food Group filed in the great State of Michigan and purchased a soup company based in Frankenmuth Michigan. Shortly after acquiring that company, World Wide Food Group outgrew that complex and acquired the new manufacturing facility and world headquarters. World Wide Food Group is now located in the charismatic city of Vassar, located in the thumb region of Michigan. With our food scientist and formulators we can develop food from basic to the complexed, including sauces and other ready-to-eat food products.

Gold Star Standard™

World Wide Food Group takes quality and taste to the highest level in the industry, known as the “Gold Star Standard™”. The products produced, have only the finest ingredients along with hormone and antibiotic free proteins. This commitment to quality insures that you’re getting The Best Of The Best when it comes to development and finished products. The World Wide Food Group commitment to our customers will only get stronger as to provide everyone the Gold Star Standard.